Sugar Apple

Sugar Apple (aka buah nona in Malaysia)

Sugar Apple (aka buah nona in Malaysia)

Annona Squamosa
The most common varieties found in Asia are quite small. All fruits share the same distinctive appearance, with the skin composed of overlapping fleshy green/purple “petals”.

Origin and Distribution
The original home of the sugar apple is unknown but are widely believed to be tropical America and introduced to tropical Asia several centuries ago.

Uses of Sugar Apple
The ripe sugar apple is usually broken open with hand and the flesh segments eaten while the hard seeds are separated in the mouth and spat out. Sometimes the flesh is pressed trough a sieve to eliminate the seeds and is then added to ice cream or blended with milk to make a cool beverage.

Quality Criteria
Not established.

Harvesting Period
The fruits are generally available all year round.

Market Price in Malaysia
RM8 to RM10 per kg.

Availability of fruits

Too small quantity to be of commercial value.


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