A soursop fruit hanging from the branch.

A soursop fruit hanging from the branch.

Annona Muricata
Common names: Soursop, Graviola, Guanabana. Soursop fruits are heart-shape with a rough green skin with soft fleshy spines. The flesh is juicy and slightly acidic and produces a rich creamy juice which is very refreshing.

Harvesting Period
Harvest throughout the year with peak times in October and April. Fruits are picked when their dark green color fades to yellow green. Soften to ripe in 1 to 3 days.

Soursop fruits

Soursop fruits

Uses of Soursop
The soursop is usually processed into ice cream, sherbets, ice blended drinks or fresh juice. The medicinal properties of soursop has been known to be used to cure the following ailments: Diarrhea, cough, asthma, hypertension, rheumatism, tumors, cancer, etc.. Please check out the following web sites for more information.

1. Graviolaleaves
2. Graviola for Cancer
3. Research on Graviola
4. A friendly skeptic looks at Graviola

Quality Criteria
Market requirements state that soursop on arrival should be physically mature, firm, free from decay, bruises, insects and mechanical damage and confirm to weight and size specifications.

Sorting and packaging of soursop fruits.

Sorting and packaging of soursop fruits.

Harvesting is carried out in the early part of the day to avoid build-up of field heat, usually on the day of export or delivery. soursop are packed in crates with individual internal packaging to prevent fruit to fruit rubbing or puncturing.

Market Price in Malaysia
Price per kg is between RM5 to RM6

Availability of fruits
Fruits are seasonal and are only available with prior booking.

Ex-Farm Price is RM2.00 to RM2.50 for Grade A Fruits. Grade B and below are available upon request.

Frozen Soursop Flesh (with seeds) in 5-kg packaging (ideal for juice extraction and Suorsop Smoothie/Ice Blended Drinks) are also available upon request.


47 responses to “Soursop

    • Carmen,
      We do not ship our fruits at all. They were all self-collected by customers directly from our farm. Recently, due to unfavorable whether conditions, the production of the fruits has dropped drastically. However we expect the conditions to improve soon.

      Thank you for your inquiry but we couldn’t meet your request at this time.


  1. Hi, I want seed of Malay (soursop or graviola fruit) in india from where can i buy this fruits or seeds ?

  2. saw your posting in the web and I have much interest to learn more about soursop from your farm and I further wish to get your permission to visit your farm one of these days. My company is dealing with fruit juices and maybe we could work something out someday, I hope. Thank you

  3. hye.. reading all those comment above, u did mention about supplying the soursop leaves. how do i can contact u regarding the leaves?

  4. I like to know your orchard farm address, your contact no. as well. I am in KL and would like to buy some for my mom who is suffering from cancer in Johor Bahru. Please advise. Tqvm

  5. Hi,
    i want soursop its necessary for me …. where to buy soursop in pakistan please give me some detail about soursop how can i get this fruit ….? i’m waiting ur reply …

    Your Thankfully,
    Hammad mirza

  6. Hi.Where is your farm? Appreciate if you can provide me with your contact number so that i can order some soursop for my dad in Bukit Mertajam or Penang.

  7. Would like to purchase soursop leaves from you. Let me know where is your farm and how much is it? Pls contact me at 0163384249 thank you very much

  8. Please let me know about your soursops:
    How many types are there?
    What are their malay and chinese names?
    How do I choose a good one?
    where in Klang Valley can I get the best ones?
    When is the season?
    Can I visit your farm tomorrow (8th Apr 03)?

  9. Hi, I would like to know how I can buy this fruit in Hong Kong. Or do you have any shipping for overseas purchase?

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