Nephelium Mutabile
The pulasan is closely allied to the rambutan and sometimes confused with it. It is also sometimes known as rambutan-kafri, rambutan paroh or pening-pening-ramboetan.

Description and Origin
The pulasan tree is about 33 to 50 ft in height, has a short trunk (12 – 16 in thick) and the branchelets are brown-hairy when young. The flavor is generally much sweeter than that of the rambutan. The pulasan is native to Western Malaysia, mostly in lowland forests around Perak.

Uses of Pulasan
The flesh of ripe fruits is eaten raw or made into jam. Boiled or roasted seeds are used to prepare a cocoa-like beverage.

Quality Criteria
Not established.

Generally tied up in bunches.

Market Price in Malaysia
Price per kg is between RM5 to RM8

Availability of fruits

Fruits are generally available on special request at wholesale price but production volume are limited.


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