Seedless guava looks a bit of a retard compared to its non seedless variety.

Seedless guava looks a bit of a retard compared to its non seedless variety.

Psidium Guajava L
The Guava is almost universally known by its common English name or its equivalent in other languages. Spanish: guayabo or guayavo. French: goyave or goyavier. Dutch: guyaba or goeajaaba. Hawaiian: guaya or kuawa. In Malaysia it is known as guava or jambu batu.

Origin and Distribution
The guava has been cultivated and distributed by man, by birds and other 4-footed animals for so long that its place of origin is uncertain, but it is believed to be an area extending from Southern Mexico into or through Central America.

Seedless guavas are the result of low fertility of pollen grains and self-incompatibility. The fruits tend to be malformed and the trees are scant bearers. Applications of gibberellic acid increase fruit size, weight and ascorbic acid content but induce prominent ridges on the surface.

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Non seedless variety.

Non seedless variety.

Uses of Guava
The guavas are eaten out-of-hand, but are preferred seedless and served sliced as dessert or in salads.

Quality Criteria
Not established.

Harvesting Period
The fruits matures 90 to 150 days after flowering. Generally, there are 2 crops per year, Sept/Oct period and Mar/Apr period. However in Malaysia, the fruits could generally be obtained all year round.

Market Price in Malaysia
Price per kg is between RM6 to RM9 (seedless guava)
Ex-Farm price is around RM3 to RM4 per kg depending on sizes and fruits’ quality.

Availability of fruits

Fruits are generally available on special request at wholesale price but advance booking are advised.


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