Durian – Raja Kunyit

The king of fruits, destined for the enjoyment of durian lovers.

The king of fruits, destined for the enjoyment of durian lovers.

Durio zibethinus Murr
The durian is native to Malaysia and Indonesia. In Malaysia, durian plantations are found mostly in Johor, Perak and Penang.

Harvesting Period
The Raja Kunyit variety has 2 fruiting seasons, generally available during June/July  and December/January periods.

Durian: Raja Kunyit variety aka Mao San Wong

Durian: Raja Kunyit variety (aka Mao San Wong)

Uses of Durian
Durian fruit is usually eaten fresh. Other uses – durian cake (dodol), jam and ice cream flavoring.

Quality Criteria
Durians are highly perishable. Fallen fruits are fully ripen and ready for consumption. Eating quality are lost within 4 or 5 days.

Durian, ready for consumption.

Durian, ready for consumption.

Characteristics of Raja Kunyit variety:
Color: Golden Yellow
Texture: Smooth, custardy and firm
Seeds: Almost Seedless! (No fully-formed seeds, with tiny seeds easily remove from flesh)
Taste: Sweet with a tinge of bitter aftertaste

Market Price in Malaysia (Raja Kunyit variety)
RM15.00 to 30.00 per kg

Availability of fruits

Fruits are generally available during June/July and December/January period. Quantity are limited and usually fruits are pre-booked in advance. Quality in term of taste and texture are the best in the market.


8 responses to “Durian – Raja Kunyit

    • Ben,
      We have recently received many inquiries from durian lovers from Singapore and KL. Previously we have mostly leased out our farm to wholesaler during the durian seasons. Therefore we couldn’t entertain any request for visitation. However, we will most likely stop this practice in the coming season and open up our farm for “mini durian tour” and we will also sell direct to consumer. Basically you could visit us and eat to your hearts’ content or buy direct from our farm at a very fair price.

      We have many varieties of durians in our farm. However Raja Kunyit (aka Mao San Wong or Musang King) is our bread and butter variety where we have more than 100 trees in total. Our farm is about 12+ acres in size and we have many other local fruits to complement our durian. City dwellers, especially those from Singapore are so eager to bring their kids to experience the farm life and to show their kids that durians actually drop from trees. 🙂

      I will post here when our durian season is about to start. If anyone of you would like to visit us, please leave your contact here or send us an email.

      You can send your email to daviegan@gmail.com

      I will post our contact number later.

    • mico meo,
      If you notice from the photos above, Raja Kunyit variety actually has very small seeds, not seedless but the seeds are basically useless and you can’t actually plant this variety using its seeds. Once in a while you will find a whole seed in the fruit but it’s actually very rare.

      If you are interested to plant Raja Kunyit you have to purchase the seedling via the grafting method. (Basically we graft the branch of the Raja Kunyit variety to an existing durian tree or sapling.) That’s why we sometimes find people breaking into our durian farm just to steal the branches. The problem with this is: they can’t tell which are the Raja Kunyit variety. 🙂

      To answer your question: No, we don’t have any grafted seedlings for sale. It’s not that we don’t want to sell to you but we don’t actually do any plant nursery business.

      • I know you mentioned that you don’t have any desire to do nursery business. Although you did not admit, but I’m guessing it might be business decision not to increase Raja Kunyit supply in the markets of Malaysia and SG. Anyway, taking competition aside do you think I could order large supply of grafted Raja Kunyit to Sri Lanka??? It’s almost impossible to find any nursery selling grafted varieties. I’m European living here, and this variety is the best from all those I ever tasted. I have large land very much suitable for durian propagation. All the permit and cargo fare will be taken care of. Let me know in a private message: rytist777@yahoo.com

  1. Raja kunyit @musang king no1. Best durian in malaysia….. especially in pahang @ ss2 durianstation 0102339238 call to get 20%offer

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